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Does music help with depression?  17 year-old student Shelby Tweten from North Mankato, Minnesota, who has suffered from depression since 4th grade, has made it past the American Idol auditions, and is headed to Hollywood!


Facebook and Depression: 

For a long time people have critiqued others for using Facebook as a so called "mood wall." The moody posts have been dismissed by many as annoying have inspired many retorts about unnecessary cries for attention. However, experts say that these posts can actually be a sign that kids are feeling depressed. These "dark postings" can be early systems that can let experts know the person needs a quick intervention. The problem for parents and experts is distinguishing the everyday, "This day sucks" and a real crisis. In 2011 researchers looked at the Facebook profiles of 200 students at various universities to see if their posts matched the symptoms of depression that they look for. It turned out that around 30% of the students met the criteria for depression symptoms. This means that most college students suffer for depression, but fewer than 10% actually seek help. In many cases, the warning symptoms are seen in retrospect. Before Amanda Cummings committed suicide, she wrote, “then ill go kill myself, with these pills, this knife, this life has already done half the job.” Facebook soon started working with various suicide prevention clinics to help users that showed signs of depression. This does raise the question of who should be monitoring this. Should social media actually be responsible for monitoring people's posts? You can read the whole article here or in the link below. 



Interesting breakthrough—apparently using Facebook can cause depression!

It’s pretty obvious Facebook could make someone feel down. Seeing all the pictures of people having fun, surrounded by friends, can make one feel ever more alone; make them feel more left out. Even defined as providing a “skewed view of what’s going on,” Facebook, by making most seem happier and more surrounded by friends than they actually are, just magnifies others’ feelings of loneliness. Get the full story here.



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